Campaign for La Rochelle

GOAL ONE: Complete LaRochelle Purchase

GOAL ONE: Complete LaRochelle Purchase

Several local banks generously provided a mortgage to support the purchase of La Rochelle, so this important local resource could remain open and accessible to the public. The mortgage is interest only through 2022 to coincide with the end of the campaign. $3.1 million of the campaign funds will be used to fully pay off the mortgage obligations.

GOAL TWO: Preserve LaRochelle for Future Generations

Like any old house, at over 118 years old, La Rochelle will require future maintenance projects small and large. $1 million of the campaign funds will be used to add to the existing BHHS investment fund to ensure this important piece of Bar Harbor history will be enjoyed well into the future.

GOAL THREE: Build Organizational Sustainability

With the grand opening of a new first floor exhibit in the Summer of 2020, the organization will be reinvented as the La Rochelle Mansion and Museum (LRMM). In addition to continuing the important work of preserving the history of Bar Harbor and surrounding communities, LRMM will be a must-see museum for local and seasonal visitors and a hub for community events. Establishing a development infrastructure is critical to maintain our day-to-day operations and to establish ongoing organizational support. $400,000 in campaign funds will be used to augment museum revenue during the campaign.

For more information on the Campaign for La Rochelle contact Jamie Whitehead, Director of Development: