Hudson to Harbor

Artists have flocked to Mount Desert Island ever since painters like Frederic E. Church, Thomas Cole, and William Hart, popularized the island with their exhibits of the island’s idyllic land and seascapes.

The artists were known as the Hudson River School painters. They took the near-untouched, untamed world and transferred it to paint and canvas.

Today, we draw influence from them.

In collaboration with ArtWaves and sponsored by Cygnet Gallery and Liz Cutler, we are proud to introduce Hudson to Harbor, a week-long plein air painting event, from August 3rd-10th.

All week, selected talented artists will come to La Rochelle and the surrounding areas to paint, so join us during our regular open hours to see these artists at work!

Each artist will submit 3-5 pieces that will later be sold at auction on August 11th at our Hudson to Harbor Artist Showcase. 50% of the sale price goes directly back to the artists while the remaining 50% is split between ArtWaves and the Bar Harbor Historical Society!

To join and support us at the Showcase, click the button below!

Meet the Artists

Carol Shutt

Christine Lafuente

Finn Teach

Jean Forbes

Jennifer Steen Booher

Judy Taylor

Kaitlyn Metcalf

Kaitlyn Miller

Katherine Noble Churchill

Leigh Culver

Linda Fanning-Lefevre

Liz Cutler

Maggie Van Scoyk

Maura Condon

Roger L. Brignull

Samantha Modert

Sarah Baskin

Shannon Murray

Vicky Smith