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History of Bar Island (Video)

Using archival evidence and her deep knowledge of local oral history, Debbie Dyer explored the history of “Rodick Island” (Bar Island) from Mr. Pineo and his kennels, to the fish weirs and Canoe Club on the shore line.

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The “Summer Embassies” of Bar Harbor (Video)

While the formal embassies stood in Washington, D.C, the capital city's sweltering climate drove many American politicians and foreign diplomats out of the city during the summer months of the pre-World War I era. During this period, Bar Harbor was a popular...

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The Legendary Curse of the Hope Diamond (Video)

From the diamond mines of India and royal palaces of Europe to the shores of Bar Harbor and finally the halls of the Smithsonian, Dr. Richard Kurin simultaneously traces its journey through history and reveals the truth behind the gem of legends. Dr. Richard Kurin is...

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