Vision Statement

In three to five years…

The Bar Harbor Historical Society is one of Bar Harbor’s best used public spaces: the #1 cultural community center for the village and one of the top five “must see” destinations on Mount Desert Island. The Society is a community and institutional leader that welcomes residents and visitors alike to discover the past in order to understand the present, and to take pride in community connections. It is a dynamic, bustling regional center for research, dialogue, and learning where stories are told through multiple media daily. A professional, well-run living museum, its schedule is filled with events and programs. It is a place of smiles, wonder, and imagination.

Mission Statement

To effectively display, preserve, and interpret Bar Harbor’s rich past through our unique collections ensuring access, enjoyment, and educational opportunities for all.

Board of Directors

Earl Brechlin
Donna Brignull
Richard Cough
Jeff Dobbs
Deb Dyer
Becky Heden
Stephanie Norby
Lisa Parsons
Carolyn Rapkievian
Tom St. Germain
Tom Testa
Kay Theede
Christina Walker
Heidi Wittwer


President – Richard Cough
Vice President – Tom Testa
Treasurer – Becky Heden
Secretary – Kay Theede

Honorary Directors

Sherwood Carr
Dottie Cooke

We’re Here to Help


Erin Cough – Executive Director | Laura Johnson – Assistant Director |
Madison Uliano – Registrar | Hanna McKellar – Curator | Nikki Moser – Experience Manager


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